Execution and renovation of electrical installations,
Switchgears of various types,
Visualization and monitoring systems,
NN cable networks,
Lightning protection installations,
Repairs and inspections of internal means of transport
Execution of repairs and maintenance of devices
cranes (gantry cranes, cranes, winches, elevators) - close cooperation with the Office of Technical Inspection, currently HPR deals in servicing, repairing and removing failures of about 100 cranes.


 Construction of a new contact node for the Sulfuric Acid Plant in HM Legnica - works under the consortium agreement,
Reconstruction and replacement of the Ksentenol station reservoir at HM Cedynia,
Execution of lead pumps - PPb lead refining department - at HM Legnica,
Overhaul and running repairs of rotary Dryers at HM Legnica,
Modernization of F1 and F2 filters at HM Legnica,
Renovation works on the ESP No. 5 - commissioned by BIPROMET SA - at HM Legnica
Execution and replacement of flap closures of the type of a fitter, compensators, elements of the dust removal plant of the converter plant - Fire Refinery Department - Converters at HM Legnica,
Modernization of the roof and reinforcement of the high hall structure together with roof skylights - Lead PPb Lead refining department - at HM Legnica
Renovation and investment works during repair shutdowns at HM Legnica, HM Cedynia, HM Głogów.
Renovation and investment works carried out for the Instytut Metali Nieżelaznych Legnica branch.