HPR Sp. z oo is an enterprise derived from the structures of KGHM Polska Miedź SA Huta Miedzi „Legnica” Branch. Our company was founded on the basis of renovation and investment services in 1997. We have a professional human and hardware potential to conduct comprehensive work in the field of prefabrication, renovation and assembly in a wide range of production activities. The average annual employment is about 150 people. Our employees are professionals with many years of experience. The machinery park owned by HPR, means of production, facilities for production preparation, and storage space allow for quick and professional implementation of tasks.

The area of the Company's operations is KGHM SA, in particular the Huta Miedzi „Legnica”, Huta Miedzi „Głogów”, and Huta Miedzi „Cedynia”. In addition, the Company performs many works in Lower Silesia. HPR fulfills budgetary commitments on a regular basis, against ZUS, contractors and employees. We rely on all authorizations and approvals in the scope of renovation and investment tasks carried out by us.

The company holds a Qualification Certificate of the Welding Institute on the classification of the Grupy Zakładów Dużych and appropriate powers of the Office of Technical Inspection. We carry out all the work reliably and on time, and we gain the favor of our Investors. We owe the attractive price offer for our services.